handsome prize


In celebration of his latest victory, the handsome prize winner was awarded an antique vase. A new addition to his ever growing cache, it is buried among the other vessels of crystal, porcelain, and precious metal.


Dusty bone dry, soaking wet, and often sharp fragments accumulate at the studio. It’s the familiar prize.


To make the familiar more handsome, take:

(? x) bone dry vessels 
(1 x) large bucket bone dry shards (extra dusty)
(1 x) large bucket water
(1 x) medium bucket secret sauce (extra saucy)
(1 x) small vial of lavender oil
(1 x) smaller vial of platinum resinate
(1 x) hot place
(1 x) not so dusty place


Moving all together, add secret sauce as needed.

Remember to have extra buckets available.



high-fired stoneware


height 28.5 cm